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BeBecook Freeze-Dried Puree Melts w Probiotics - Apple & Beet Flavor 7mth+
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★ 含有80%以上的蔬果泥+白米
★ 添加微量活性益生菌促进肠胃蠕动
★ 口感入口即化,香甜可口
★ 不含乳製品,不用担心孩子会有过敏反应
★ 果泥不加任何一滴糖,是水果原始的甜味
★ 不含人工添加物,低钠含量
★ 容量: 16g/盒
★ 适用年龄: 7个月+

BeBecook My First Freeze-Dried Puree Melts offers a revolutionary weaning experience for your baby, while not compromising on the selection of ingredients. Unlike typical yoghurt cubes/melts which actually consists of very high sugar content (to sweeten the sour taste of yogurt), BeBecook puree cubes are made primarily with fresh fruit/veg puree (>80%) and rice powder with absolutely no sugar added.

Freezed-dried to preserve the ingredients' natural sweetness and nutritional value, these bite-sized puree cubes are yummy and healthy snack options for your growing baby/toddler on-the-go. It melts easily in the mouth and have probiotics added for intestinal health! No artificial flavourings, colours or sweeteners added.


  • Contains more than 80% fresh apple & beet root puree
  • No sugar added; Only 12.5% of natural sugar content (fruit & rice) vs typical yogurt melts with around 50-60% sugar in weight
  • Freeze-dried to preserve natural sweetness and nutrients
  • Melts easily in mouth
  • Probiotics added
  • Suitable for kids with lactose intolerance
  • No artificial additives (flavouring, colouring and seasoning)
  • Comes in 2 portable pouches (8g ea)

Suitable from 7 months.

Made in South Korea.

Net weight: 16g (8g x 2)

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